Mike grew up in rural Pennsylvania where he was raised on a steady diet of ice hockey, snowboarding, and Philly cheese steaks.  

Photography had always been a childhood hobby, but it wasn't until Mike started surfing in high school that his future began to take shape.  As his obsession with the ocean grew, so did his interest in documenting it from every angle.  It didn’t take long for Mike to give up his childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian and move to California to study commercial photography at the world-renowned Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara.  

During his studies Mike developed a style that gained attention from his peers.  His photography transcended the classic surf-photography aesthetic and brought a unique commercial feel to the edgy surf culture.  While in school Mike interned with photo editor Peter Taras at Surfing Magazine and was published in an array of well known publications such as Surfer, GQ, and The LA Times, as well as selected as a finalist for both Red Bull Illume’s image Quest and The Follow the Light grant, two of the most coveted achievements in surf photography.

Mike’s love for the ocean paired with his commercial education landed him a staff photographer job with Ripcurl USA right out of school.  The next three years brought travel, excitement, but most importantly the real-life application of maintaining and pushing the commercial image of a rapidly growing company while maintaining their core, cohesive identity. 

Constantly shooting outside of work and growing as an artist, Mike's vision began to change.  While the ocean was his original muse, the active-lifestyle associated with young, happy youth began to shape Mike's work into the vibrant, commercial vision it is today.

Now, living in Venice beach, Mike shoots for a range of clientele that rely on his creative vision and technical expertise to create meaningful advertising for active youth markets.  Aiming to create iconic imagery within each new project, Mike attacks every job with an educated eye that has developed hand-in-hand with his real-world experiences and active lifestyle.

When not shooting Mike can be found in the ocean, building furniture out of live-edge wood he finds on Craigslist, or playing with his rescue dog “Doug”.

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